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 Money Making Guide

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PostSubject: Money Making Guide   Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:33 pm

Hello, as some of you know there is a command named pure that you can use that will give you 99 att,str,hp,range,mage and u use that by typing ::pure in the chat

Either way, You may talk to the monk and go to the Island of paradise and kill mossgiants (bring food)

They drop

Full rune, dmed,dspear,dscim

and the Elf warriors drop CrystalBow(rare)

One you get better you can go to the island of Horror and kill abby demons (whip *rare*) and kill dark beasts (d bow *rare*) <- they have alot of hp

Sell to general store at home, Please add anything to suggestions you think of,

Coming soon,

Dragons, Herblore
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Money Making Guide
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